Lankayan Island Dive Resort



(1st April 2019 ~ 31st March 2020)



Twin Share

Published Rate 6% GST SIMCA FEE TOTAL
3 days/ 2 nights  2200.00 132.00  50.00  2382.00 
4 days/ 3 nights  3000.00 180.00 75.00 3255.00 
5 days/ 4 nights  3800.00 228.00 100.00  4128.00 
Extension Night  800.00 48.00  25.00  873.00




Twin Share

Published Rate 6% GST SIMCA FEE TOTAL
3 days/ 2 nights  2640.00 158.40 50.00  2848.40
4 days/ 3 nights 3600.00 216.00 75.00 3891.00
5 days/ 4 nights 4560.00 273.60 100.00  4933.60
Extension Night 960.00 57.60  25.00  1042.60 




Twin Share

Published Rate 6% GST SIMCA FEE TOTAL
3 days/ 2 nights 1760.00 150.60  50.00  1915.60 
4 days/ 3 nights 2400.00 1440.00 75.00  2619.00
5 days/ 4 nights  3040.00  182.40  100.00 3322.40 
Extension Night 640.00 38.40 25.00  703.40




Twin Share

Published Rate 6% GST SIMCA FEE TOTAL
3 days/ 2 nights 3112.00 126.72 50.00  2288.72
4 days/ 3 nights 2880.00 172.80 75.00  3127.80
5 days/ 4 nights 3648.00 218.88  100.00 3966.88
Extension Night 768.00 46.08 25.00  839.08




Twin Share

Published Rate 6% GST SIMCA FEE TOTAL
3 days/ 2 nights 2500.00 150.00 60.00 2710.00
4 days/ 3 nights 3400.00 204.00 90.00 3694.00
5 days/ 4 nights 4300.00 258.00 120.00 4658.00
Extension Night 900.00 54.00 30.00 979.00




Twin Share

Published Rate 6% GST SIMCA FEE TOTAL
3 days/ 2 nights 3000.00 180.00 60.00 3240.00
4 days/ 3 nights 4080.00 244.80 90.00 4414.80
5 days/ 4 nights 5160.00 309.60 120.00 5589.60
Extension Night 1080.00 64.80 30.00 1174.80




Twin Share

Published Rate 6% GST SIMCA FEE TOTAL
3 days/ 2 nights 2000.00 120.00 60.00 2180.00
4 days/ 3 nights 2720.00 163.20 90.00 2973.20
5 days/ 4 nights 3440.00 206.40 120.00 3766.40
Extension Night 720.00 43.20 30.00 793.20




Twin Share

Published Rate 6% GST SIMCA FEE TOTAL
3 days/ 2 nights 2400.00 144.00 60.00 2604.00
4 days/ 3 nights 3264.00 195.84 90.00 3549.84
5 days/ 4 nights 4128.00 247.68 120.00 4495.68
Extension Night 864.00 51.84 30.00 945.84

Sugud Island Marine Conservation Area :


Package above includes :-

  • ONE way land transfer and return (SIC basis) – airport SANDAKAN/ Hotel in SANDAKAN to Sandakan Yacht Club Jetty – 35 minutes
  • ONE way boat transfer and return (SIC basis) – Sandakan Yacht Club Jetty to LANKAYAN Resort – 105 minutes.
  • Accommodation at LANKAYAN Island Dive Resort
  • Fresh Buffet Meals – breakfast / lunch / dinner throughout the stay
  • Afternoon snacks – served at the restaurant daily
  • Tea / Coffee, cold water and cordial – served throughout the day at the restaurant daily.
  • Snorkel around the resort – from the shore or LANKAYAN Dive Centre
  • 3 guided boat dives daily – except on arrival & departure day (diver package only)
  • Unlimited house reef dive in front of LANKAYAN Dive Centre, this is an unguided dive & must be accompanied by buddy (diver package only)
  • Tank, weight and weight belt are provided (diver package only)
  • Guided tour to the Orang Utan Sepilok Rehabilitation Centre on last day – OPTIONAL (guest will pay for their own entrance fee at the gate)


Note :

  1. Kindly request the rates from us by email, [email protected] or [email protected]
  2. All prices quoted above are in Ringgit Malaysia (RM)
  3. LANKAYAN has no other room category and allocation of room is based on RUN OF HOUSE (ROH) basis. (choosing of room by number will not be entertained)
  4. Combining Diver Package (D) and Non-Diver Package (ND) is not allowed (divers have to decide between Diver package (D) OR Non-Diver Package (ND) throughout their stay)
  5. To purchase Diver Package (D), one must be a certified/licensed diver
  6. Single/Solo traveler is subjected to Single Supplement Surcharge for OWN CHALET with NO SHARING option (Single Supplement Surcharge rate : additional 30% from the above package rate)
  7. Group Travel Option – ONE (1) pax FREE for every NINE (9) paying pax (Subjected to same arrival and departure flight and time)
  8. 5% off from the package rate for  sharing 3 adults in a chalet
  9. 50% off from the Non-Dive Package (ND) rate for non-diver child from 2 for below 12 years
  10. Infant (24 months and below) and elderly (80 and above) not allowed by boat to LANKAYAN
  11. Junior Diver (Child Diver) rate is based on Diver Package (D) rate.
  12. No pregnant women are allowed on boat to LANKAYAN Resort.
  13. No dive allowed within 24 hours prior to departure flight time.
  14. Snorkel by boat available at RM 50.00 per person (payable at the Resort and Minimum requirement at least 2 persons)
  15. Diver guest are encourage to bring along their own equipment otherwise opt for rental from KAPALAI Dive Centre.


Equipment rental at the resort


BC Jacket
Regulator / Gauges / Octopus
Mask, Snorkel
Wet suit
Torch with batteries


Boat Schedules (Fixed Time – Once Daily only on SIC)

Sandakan Yacht Club Jetty to LANKAYAN Island – 10.00 am

LANKAYAN Island to Sandakan Yacht Club Jetty – 7.00 am


Check-In/Check-Out Time

Check-In Time into Chalet – 1.00 pm

Check-Out Time from Chalet – 6.00 am


Meals and Timing

Breakfast – 6.20 am to 10.30 am

Lunch – 1.00 pm to 2.30 pm

Dinner – 7.00 pm to 8.30 pm

Note : Strictly no outside Food & Drinks allowed into the Resort


Flight Timing Guide

Arrival :

Book the earliest flight to arrive at Sandakan. Latest by 9.00 am, for transfer to resort on same day (boat to LKY is at 10.00 am-once daily only). The earliest flight to look for is from Kota Kinabalu.

Departure :

Book any flight from 11.00 am onwards. Depart from LKY is at 7.00 am-once daily only.


We need the following information to block the room/confirm reservation.

Non-refundable deposit of RM700 per pax require to block a room at LANKAYAN.

Full payment should be settled 30 days prior to arrival date.


Information required for reservation


Name 1 (Full name) :

Gender : 

Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy) :

Nationality :

Passport number :

Medical Details (that the resort should know) :


For Diver, the following INFORMATION required :-

a) Diving Qualification & Level :

b) Number of logged dives (approx) :

c) Last logged dive (dd/mm/yyyy) :


Name 2 (Full name) :

Gender : 

Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy) :

Nationality :

Passport number :

Medical Details (that the resort should know) :


For Diver, the following INFORMATION required :-

a) Diving Qualification & Level :

b) Number of logged dives (approx) :

c) Last logged dive (dd/mm/yyyy) :


(Continue listing if you have more than 2 people coming)


At least 1 Emergency contact Information – Relative or friend :-

Name :

Relationship to guest :

Email Contact :

Telephone contact :



Please ensure to read and understand the Terms & Conditions below before proceeding with reservation and booking.


1. Reservation/Deposit/Full Payment

1.1. Reservation

Reservation should be made through EXOTIC ASIAN EXPLORER (BORNEO) (EAE) and appointed travel agents’ office. Advance reservations by email are preferred (at least sixty (60) days in advance).


Booking Request Standard Deadline (cooling-off period)

Upon inquiry, subjected to room availability, room(s)/space(s) will be held for 2 days only. Should there be NO RECONFIRMATION within the given period, the temporary held room(s)/space(s) will be released by our booking system automatically without further notification to you.

Once booking has been reconfirmed, a non-refundable deposit will be required to block the room(s)/space(s) until 30 days to arrival date where full payment should be made to finalized the booking. Reservation will be automatically cancelled if deposit is not received by EAE.

Please review and verify all booking invoice thoroughly and contact your Travel Agent or PSRT immediately if the invoice appears to be incorrect or incomplete. EAE cannot accept responsibility if we are not notified of inaccuracies within 5 days after sending out the invoice. in the case of billing errors, EAE reserves the rights to re-invoice you with the correct pricing.

1.2. Deposit (Non-refundable deposit)

A non-refundable deposit per person and/ or per room per night is required for EAE to reserve space for you.


Dive and Non Dive package 

RM 700/ person

Note :

Non-refundable deposits are required at time of booking to hold or to confirm space for you. Deposit payment indicates you have read and accepted these Terms and Conditions. When a booking is made, space is held and other bookings are turned away. Please bring along your Travel Service Voucher (if any) provided by your Travel Agent or EAE.

1.3. Full Payment (Final Payment)

Full/final payment is due 30 days prior to commencement of services. If payment is not received by the due date, your reservation will be cancelled and your full deposit will be retained by EAE. EAE is not responsible for cancelled of reservations in the event final balance is not received by the final payment date.

 2. Bookings within thirty (45) days.

For reservations made within the final payment date of your vacation (in most cases, within 30 days of departure and subjected to availability of accommodation), FULL PAYMENT is required at time of booking.

3. Minimum requirement, Accompanying Children and Infants.

3.1. Minimum requirement : 2 people (pax) at least 

Single traveler – subjected to single supplement surcharge of additional 30% to the package price.

3.2. Accompanying Children

Travelers below 12 years old on the departure date must be accompanied by an adult throughout the vacation and are requested to share an adult’s accommodation. To receive the young traveler’s discount, the traveler must qualify at commencement of services.

Pricing Guide :

1 Adult + 1 Child in a chalet (Based on 2 Adult Rates)

Junior Diver is under diver package (PACKAGE A)

Adult age applies from 12 years old onwards

Child (2 to 12 years old) – 50% of Non-Dive package (PACKAGE B)

3.3 Infant (applicable to KAPALAI only)

Infant (below 24 months) – 10% of Non-Dive package (PACKAGE B)


4. Package Prices.

Package prices are in Ringgit Malaysia and excluding airfare, snorkel or dive gear hire, beverages, laundry, room service and other not specified or mentioned in the tour itinerary or in brochures. Package price is per person, based on double occupancy (two people sharing a room). Single room supplement and triple reductions or pricing guides are mentioned in CLAUSE 3 above. Prices are subjected to change without prior notice.


5. Divers Certification and Equipment

Only certified divers may participate in scuba diving activities, unless they are enrolled in a scuba training program and under the direct supervision of their certified instructor. Guests need to produce their certification card prior to diving. Failure to produce certification card/ credentials may result in the guests being denied permission to scuba dive until they can prove their certification level. Certified divers must have a minimum requirement of a PADI Open Water-Recreational Dive Certificate or equivalent.

All scuba diver must accept full and complete responsible for themselves, their actions and their equipment. Divers may use their own gear, or to rent and use our dive equipment. (Please refer to our dive equipment rental rate)


6. Extension stay request.

One may apply for extension of stay while at the resort but subjected to accommodation availability.


7. Participation

For the benefit of everyone at the resorts, EAE reserves the right to accept or reject any vacation participant and to remove any participant whose conduct is deemed incompatible with the interests of other participants EAE will not refund or cover any cost or expenses incurred for termination of vacation arrangements due to unacceptable behaviour.


Note :

a) Smoking is not allowed on transportation that is exclusively provided by EAE. Smoking is restricted to certain areas at the resorts. 

b) Strictly no outside Food & Drinks allowed into the resort.


8. Travelers Who Need Special Assistance On Tours and/or Cruises

You must advise any disability requiring special attention at the time the reservation is made. EAE will do their best to accommodate the special needed request, but is not responsible in the event it is unable to do so nor responsible for any denial of services by, hotels, restaurants, or other independent suppliers. EAE cannot provide individual assistance to a vacation participation for walking, dining, getting on and off motor coaches, passenger boat and other vehicles, or other personal needs. EAE strongly recommends a qualified and physically able companion must accompany travelers who need such assistance. All travelers with EAE are subjected to the Participation CLAUSE 7. above.


9. Transfer Arrangement & Fees.

Package prices are inclusive of land & boat transfer on the check-in and check-out day only. Additional fees will be charged for unscheduled transfers included in the package.


10. Cancellation Chargers/Refund.

Please notify us via email of the intention to cancel any booking at the earliest instance available. Any request for refunds is subjected to these Terms & Conditions.

After commencement of service no refund in part or full, will be made (in cash equivalent or vacation price reduction) for unused services/ activities for voluntary modifications made by the traveler. Where a guest fails to complete a dive, dive courses or fails to participate in pre-booked or packaged activities for any reason (including ill health) or free choice, they will still be charged for the package. For example, if a guest books a package which includes 5 days of diving and on the third day they abort their first dive because they couldn’t equalize. When that guest checks out, they will still be charged for the package and advised to make a claim on their travel insurance.

If a booking cancellation is received by PSRT prior the final payment date of your vacation, the non-refundable deposit payments will be retained.

In the event of cancellation after full payment, the following will apply minus any bank charges, credit card charges and any exchange rate losses, if incurred :

a) From 29-16 days before arrival in Sabah – 30% of the trip’s full price forfeited

b) From 14 days to arrival date in Sabah – 50% of the trip’s full price forfeited

c) From 7 days to arrival date in Sabah – 75% of the trip’s full price forfeited

d) “No Show” by customer – 100% of the trip’s full price forfeited

EAE reserves the right to cancel or reschedule any vacation departure for any reason, including insufficient demand or force majeure. If a vacation is cancelled prior to departure, EAE will only refund the amount received for the reservation. EAE will try to rebook the same vacation with a different departure sate, or a similar vacation but there is no guarantee of availability of offering


11. Unforeseen Circumstances

EAE will not be held liable for any delay, additional expense or inconvenience which may be caused directly or indirectly by events outside of the company control, such as late arrival of domestic or international flights, civil disturbance, fire, floods, unusually severe weather, Act of God, act of the government, or the failure of any machinery or equipment. Additionally, EAE will not accept any responsibility for any injury, guest loss of or damage to personal equipment and property whilst staying at the resort, or during participation n any activity. In the unlikely event that the dive trip  is cancelled due to bad weather, rough and dangerous sea conditions, a natural disaster, an act of God, war, political unrest, a danger to passengers, or the boat, then the resort has the right to cancel or delay the departure. The resort withholds the right to change the planned itinerary, leave for jetty early or change the schedule.


12. Liability

EAE cannot be held responsible, or in any way liable, for property losses, personal losses, accidents, injury, or death for any reason whatsoever, whether through any activities booked through us, or caused to you by third parties connected, or not connected to us. EAE will not be liable, for any additional expenses incurred by customers, for any reasons whatsoever. If a complaint is received about the package, for any reason, the company  will agree to investigate  and may act upon the complaint dependent upon our findings. All guests/customers will be required to read and sign the company’s Standard Liability Form and other related forms at the resort upon arrival or check-in. Refusal by a guest to sign such documents will prevent the resort from providing such activities. 


13. Insurance

We recommend that if you intend to do scuba diving, make sure you have an insurance policy that covers this activity. We strongly recommend that all guests take out adequate travel insurance covers accident, loss caused by cancellations, loss of luggage, personal property, medical expenses, medical evacuation and weather disruption/ cancellations (including activity cancellations). Guests intending on participating in diving activities must ensure their insurance covers them for SCUBA related activities and has appropriate ‘depth’ coverage.


14.Travel Documentation

Please check you have the required travel documents before booking your dive trip. Make sure your passport has at least 6 months to run from your time of entry into Malaysia.



Transfer the amount directly into our account with


Hong Leong Bank Berhad

Our Bank Swift Code : HLBBMYKL

Account No. 111 000 17239


Note : We will NEVER pass on any of your personal information to third parties.