SGEKK 012 : Kudat Tip of Borneo & Rungus Longhouse Cultural

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Overview :

A willing long journey will bring you a cultural tour that takes you to the North through Kota Belud, the place has been known a home to the Bajau House Men in old days. Pay a visit to the very well known traditional “Tamu” market (if tour falls on Sunday). Kudat located on the most Northern part of Sabah. One of the place where the Rungus maintain their Long House lifestyle and traditions.

The life here revolves mainly around their rice planting and their handicrafts – basketry, beadworks, and cloth weaving. Rungus women still use a blackstrap handloom to weave their traditional attire made of cotton which they grew themselves. Their dress is one of the most attractive among Sabah’s ethnic groups. You will have a chance to visit one of the longhouses and visit a village who run a cottage including bee farming and gong making. Another Kudat’s attraction is Simpang Mengayau, the most Northern Tip of Borneo – which look out over the collision of the South China Sea and Sulu Sea.

To bring : Comfortable walking shoes, light cotton clothing, hat, sunglasses, umbrella.

Tip of Borneo
Simpang Mengayau
Harvesting honey bee
Gong making factory
Bavanggazo rungus longhouse

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Price inclusive of :

Land transport, English speaking guide, entrance to Rungus Longhouse, Bee Farm ad Gong Making Factory, lunch